Welcome to Financial Accounts Professionals

We are financial accounts specialists operating in South Africa.

Our core services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Company annual return submissions
  • VAT calculation & returns
  • Provisional tax returns
  • Annual Income Tax returns

We also offer the following company related services:

  • New company registrations, including Pty (Ltd), co-operatives & non-profits
  • Company amendments (e.g. changing directors / updating address)
  • Retrieving company documents and share certificates
  • Converting CC to Pty (Ltd) Company
  • De-registrations and reinstatements
  • Share certificates
  • Business plans
  • Trademarks

Financial Accounts Pro was founded by two innovative and highly qualified South Africans who aimed to offer a wide range of accounting services to small and medium businesses in South Africa at an affordable rate.

Use of technology

Financial Accounts Pro makes full use of the technology available. We will be able to accommodate you even without a face-to-face visit. Simply send all required information and accounts to us by email, fax or upload via our website.

Highly skilled and professional staff

Financial Accounts Pro only use highly skilled and professional staff. We’re not willing to compromise on quality of work.

Financial Statements Related Services

Bookkeeping - From R600 per month

Processing of invoices and bank statements up to trial balance. The trial balance can be used to create an income statements and balance sheet. The price ranges from R600 per month and depends on the number of invoices & transactions through bank accounts.

Financial Statements - From R1,200 per year

Use trial balance to set up financial statements (income statement & balance sheet) and make required accounting adjustments and provisions. The price ranges from R1,200 per year and depends on the number of transactions and the type of business.

Independent Review - From R1,200 per year

Carry out an independent review of financial statements by applying limited analytical procedures to financial statements. The cost ranges from R1,200 per year if statements and other required information is provided.

Company Annual Returns - From R500 per return

Annual returns need to be filed with the CIPC to confirm whether the company or CC is still in business / trading and to avoid de-registration. The cost of filing annual returns ranges from R500 per return and requires a accurate turnover figure for the year.

Tax Related Services

VAT Calculation & Return - From R400 per return

VAT calculation and returns costs R400 per return given that accurate figures are provided.

Provisional Tax Return - From R600 per return

Provisional tax calculation and return costs R600 per return.

Annual Income Tax Return - From R600 per return

Annual income tax return costs R600 per return.

Other Company Related Services

Register a New Company - From only R795!

Register your new company from only R795. The cost increases by R100 for each director more than 4 directors. Whether you want to start a new business or split an existing business into sub-companies, we can help you.

Company Amendments - For only R500

The Companies Act and CIPC require up to date information on companies. Information that can be amended include business address, adding and removing members / directors, changing the business name and address and contact details of existing members / directors. The cost of amendments is only R500.

Convert CC to Pty - For only R1,000

Convert your CC to a private (Pty) company. Your registration number stays the same, members become company directors, each with shares in the company. The cost of converting is only R1,000. Feel free to ask us about the benefits of converting.

Retrieve Company Documents - From only R600

Retrieving a certificate of confirmation of any South African company to view their information costs R300 – this helps verify a business. To retrieve all CIPC company / CC registration documents costs R600.

De-registrations - For only R800

We can help you de-register your company at the CIPC for only R800. De-registered companies can be re-instated at a later date if it is required. Follow our reinstatement process for reinstating a de-registered company or CC.

Reinstatements - For only R2,300

If your company is completely de-registered you can reinstate it or register a new company. The cost of reinstatement is R2,300 which includes the extensive process of retrieving documents, notifying local newspapers of the company’s existence. Additional costs include any outstanding annual returns.

Non-Profit Company Registration - For only R1,700

Registering a non-profit cost only R1,700 all-inclusive. Note that a non-profit needs at least 3 initial directors / incorporators. The benefit of having a non-profit is that it may achieve tax-exemptions from SARS. Click here to find out more.

Co-operative Registration - For only R1,200

A Co-operative is a company formation which allows a group of people to buy products or services in bulk and sell these to the public. We can register your co-operative for only R1,200.

Business Plans - From only R3,500

We set up a business plan which you can use to apply for loans or grants. A business plan also helps provide a high level picture of resources, the target market, marketing methods, product offerings and projected future sales under difference scenarios. Our business plan offering starts from R3,500 with the price dependent on the required work.

Trademarks - From only R3,500

We can help you protect your brand / name or logo by Trademark. The cost include two factors, the first being a special search to ensure the Trademark is available. The second is to apply for the Trademark. The cost of the special search is R1,500 and the cost of the actual Trademark is R2,000. The total cost for your Trademark application through us is therefore R3,500.